1. Sponsor A Child

Our program offers the sponsorship of impoverished children in both Indonesia and Africa. In the sprawling urban areas of Indonesia, most poverty-stricken children are forced to live in densely packed ghettos made up of ramshackle huts. The smog and soot from Jakarta’s industrial centers surround their homes day and night. To make things worse, these ghettos are located near landfills and rivers blackened by years of waste and sewage. Most of these children lack access to clean water, proper nutrition and education.

Our Sponsor A Child Program is a direct method of changing your sponsored child’s life and the community he or she lives in. It ensures that the child will receive an education, medical treatments, and nutritional necessities. Part of your donation will also go to a communal fund to sponsor related programs such as tutoring, mosquito fumigations, and our Community Transformation Centers.

If you choose Sponsor A Child, you’ll receive:

  • A welcoming package
  • Annual updates on your child’s performance in school and growth
  • Regular updates on your child’s community

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2. Community Transformation Centers (CTC)
Our CTCs are multi-functional facilities strategically placed in poverty-stricken areas to serve the surrounding communities. Our CTC in Neuheun, Aceh, for example, provides medical assistance for the 500 families living in that area. Other CTCs may provide sewing machines for struggling mothers, as well as computer lessons for children and working adults, dental care, and even health seminars on a regular basis. Our CTCs allow us to partner with local community members to ensure that their communities will become self-sufficient.

The Method

Trained members of the community, called internal facilitators, operate our facilities. This allows us to build effective relationships with the people in that town. We believe that for a true communal transformation to happen, the actual townspeople need to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own community. That is why these facilitators are hand-selected by the community members and are given training by WorldHarvest for six months before they begin working. They are taught effective communications, foundational community development theories, leadership and teamwork skills, facilitation techniques, participatory planning skills, problem solving, interview techniques and data compilation. Our highly qualified internal facilitators allow us to build long-lasting relationships with the community we work in.

The Impact

It is evident that the CTCs are wonderful catalysts for change in their respective communities. Some women are even using our sewing machines to start their own businesses to produce doormats, prayer rugs and other arts and crafts to generate more income. Struggling mothers have become more confident in tutoring their children after taking some of the literature classes in our CTCs. Students are shown to have improved in their Math and English skills through the guidance and lessons from our CTC staff. In addition, we also make sure that their medical needs are met as our medical teams make routine visits to these community centers.

3. Disaster Relief

WorldHarvest is committed to serving the communities that are left vulnerable by catastrophic events, whether manmade or natural. Our Harvest Humanitarian Services are at the forefront of our global emergency response efforts. In disaster-afflicted areas, we strive to provide effective food and medical aid, while also establishing long-term self-provision programs in regions where governmental support is not evident. These programs are aimed at allowing the community to sustain themselves upon our departure, through rehabilitating hospitals, schools, and community infrastructures.

To read about our most recent disaster relief mission, click here.

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